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Walk the talk

As some of you already know, last year I formed a ballot to participate in the elections for a local amateur radio club in Santo Domingo. We really had high hopes of being able to lead the Club into a new era, to be able to do a transformation of the club, it's structure, it's way of working and getting it into the current state of amateur radio.

I had a great team of friends on the ballot who shared the same vision and the same hopes in being able to rescue our club from the hand of the elderly, the anti technology and the only know one way to do things.

Unfortunately, we werent able to participate on a fair process, ever since Day 1 we were struggling to overcome the obstacles, specially considering that the other ballot was comprised of members of the current board, therefore we were denied of prompt and current information on members status, members informations, etc. The other candidates did not complied with the process and the Election Committee did little to help neither.

Long story short, we decided to withdraw our ballot and our candidancy. Just to be on the right side of the history, we submitted our regulators with documents and information regarding all these actions.

Instead, we decided to incorporate a new amateur radio club, one where we could execute our work plan, one where we would be able to make a difference and help amateur radio in the Dominican Republic flourish. This Club is the Society of Dominican Radio Amateurs (SDRA). I recommend following SDRA on the social media (@sdra_do on Twitter and Instagram, @sdra on Facebook and Youtube) and visit our page at (it's on spanish for the moment).

In less than one year after incorporating the club, we already made long strides into fulfilling our hopes and wishes for the dominican amateur radio. We've been able to position the club highly within the international communnity and offer the dominican amateur radios with fresh ideas and modern tools and resources.

We have a lot of plans and some of them are underway and others plans will follow, but certainly we won't stay still, we won't gave way to obsolescency and above all we will prove that we can walk the talk.

73, Santiago


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