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What's going on with HI8SMX

Since my last post a lot of things have been happening around my station. For example, my equipment set up has changed dramatically. We have new equipments and took some out, we've been tinkering with Node Red on my Raspberry Pi and also I took and passed the Tech and General tests for my US ham license and now I'm also KB8SMX (yes, it is a vanity call to match my local callsign).

My Icom 7300 is gone and instead I got a Yaesu FT-991, my Acom 600S amp is gone and I got a Yaesu Quadra amp (VL1000) with the matching VP-1000, a Raspberry Pi 4 will soon be added to the set up and because we can't never have too many monitors I added a 4th monitor. All this is demanding a change on the shack layout, but to be honest I've been postponing that because it will be hard work.

I'll get some of these little projects ready to publish and shared with you with the hopes that you find it interesting.

But with all the doing I forgot about the writing and now I need to catch up.




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